• pawel

    pawel - 2011-06-08

    Hi all,

    I've made a simply modification in main.cpp (avid clip writer, can be found here: http://codeviewer.org/view/code:1b9c)  but it generates corrupted files. What i've found is the header kag's size are wrong, and footer is too short. Could anyone give me some guidance how can i fix this? The generated with writeavidmxf (correct), avidclipwriter files and dv esscence can be found here: http://www.speedyshare.com/files/28865685/samples.rar. The files were tested on the media composer 5.0.

    Best regards.

  • Philip de Nier

    Philip de Nier - 2011-06-08

    AvidClipWriter is incomplete and isn't maintained. It was written as a potential replacement for writeavidmxf, but that never happened and is effectively abandoned.

    There are several differences between AvidClipWriter files and writeavidmxf files, and one or more of those differences has resulted in the file being OK in MC 3 but not OK in MC 5.

    I'd recommend that you use writeavidmxf.



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