xferserver.pl stop responding

  • Rui Loureiro

    Rui Loureiro - 2013-08-08


    I'm having problems with the xferserver.pl, after some recordings the service stop responding and don't copy the files to the remote location. The service respond to the inguexgui status changes (SLOW and FAST) but don't copy anything to the server. Can't kill the process with control-C or kill command, and can't umount the remote share. I have this issue in two implementations both with two recorder machines, one of them running the inguexgui. This happens only on the recorder running the ingexgui the other keep running and copy the files without problem. One implementation use OpenSuse machine as SMB server and the other MacOS X Lion.

    Any ideas?


  • Matthew Marks

    Matthew Marks - 2013-08-13

    Hmm, not sure, but it's safer to use FTP to copy rather than mount drives because of the malign influence one machine can have on another.

  • Rui Loureiro

    Rui Loureiro - 2013-08-21

    Thx Matthew.


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