Controller for Directors Cut

  • Ivan

    Ivan - 2013-02-02

    I've got an idea to try to build some kind a hardware controler for Directors Cut so i'm thinking to implement Arduino with hardware buttons to switch between cameras while recording. So basically I'm asking for help or if you can point me in right direction regarding quartz Ethernet protocol or some resource where I can find specs. If there any possibilities it would be quite useful or even there's a chance to make iPad app to control Arduino witch can control camera angles while recording..
    Just an idea.. Any help appreciated.
    And by the way, did you guys update Player Directors Cut with making decision cuts to main database or it's still making old style database..
    Best, Ivan

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2013-02-07

    You can see the protocol we use by looking at quartzRouter.cpp file

    First we send ".01#\r" and expect reply ".A\r" to check router is connected.
    Then query each destination by sending e.g. ".IV2\r" to check destination 2.
    Expect replies such as "AV002,003\r" meaning destination 2 is fed from source 3.
    Each switch generates a message as above.

    No, we didn't update player; it only writes to old-style database file.


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