ring_len and ram

  • stefano

    stefano - 2012-10-01

    Hello, we are recording  two channels with DNXHD 120.
    we have 8 GB of ram on the sistem and the ring_len is calculated over 1024 MB per channel (4,8 sec)
    can we increase the ring_len?
    the problem we sometime find is: frame wait on ring buffer and after stop the recording "drop frame".
    the cpu load 40%

  • Ivan

    Ivan - 2013-01-07

    From my experience that's big enough buffer for two channels for of DNx 120.. As I can remmember I've managed to capture four DNx 120 with the same buffer size, now I'm testing with eight channels on single recorder..
    Anyway, i think there's three things that are need to have perfect balance, buffer size, CPU speed and fast disk array..
    Regarding ring size, put shmmax to be 2048 and when starting capture process add "-m 2048" to encrease buffer size..


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