DVS Centaurus Card

  • Christopher Hengeveld

    I've got a DVS Centaurus Card. It is currently installed on a Redhat system. When I say installed, it is physically located there but I have no way to address it. It is a leftover from an OEM system that was installed on this hardware (Autodesk Flame). Would this program let me get a handle on importing SDI? My hope is to use the card as an mpeg steamer connected to our router.

  • Christopher Hengeveld

    Well I've installed openSUSE and followed the hours of directions just to get to the point of installing the sdk. The one I have is the sdk4.1.0.4. Couldn't get the earlier one. when I do ./mkdev I get
    Trying to create DVS driver device nodes:
    - Unable to find the driver.
       Please make sure that the .ko file was created and the driver loaded

    And driver_create

    There is no kernel source installed for the running kernel

    Any idea what's going on? Hate to abandon after all these hours of work!!!

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2012-03-21

    See page 14 of the installation guide.  Did you do the "make oldconfig" stuff?

  • Christopher Hengeveld

    thanks John, yes I did. When I looked at the txt file it said

    This SDK has been tested and released for the following firmware revisions:
      Atomix + BoB         
      Atomix HDMI          
      Atomix HDMI + BoB    
      Atomix LT            
      Atomix LT 4 BNC      
      Centaurus II         
      Centaurus II LT      

    wonder if they left out Centaurus (Not II) and if maybe this sdk4.1.0.4 doesn't work for it. Though I would think I could still build the driver, no?

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2012-03-22

    OK, check in Yast that you have kernel source installed and that it is same version as your kernel.
    If you update it, do the "make oldconfig" and "make scripts/mod/" again.

    The driver should build regardless of what card(s) are installed.

  • Javier Emmanuel Mercedes

    how can i get back the licence key from a dvs centaurus II, my serial number is:
    20080346?, thanks by the way

    Last edit: Javier Emmanuel Mercedes 2015-12-22
  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2015-12-31

    cd $DVSSDK/linux-x86_64/bin
    ./svram licence show

    If you have lost the key altogether you will need to contact DVS.


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