Who are you and what do you do with Ingex?

  • Brendan Quinn

    Brendan Quinn - 2009-12-16

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post to this forum - I'm Brendan and I work in BBC Research & Development along with John, Matthew, Philip and the rest of Phil's team working on Ingex.

    After successfully using Ingex on several trial and real-life projects with the BBC and partners, and with many others using it around the world, we're now looking at how we can work on Ingex to take it to the next level and have it used more widely.

    To make this more effective, it would be great if we could hear from you, the early adopter users of Ingex, about your answers to the following questions:

    - who you are, and if relevant who you work for
    - what you have done with Ingex so far and/or what you plan to use it for
    - what you like and what you don't like about the Ingex system and the way it works
    - what you would like to see supported in the future
    - whether you would be interested in talking about partnerships or support agreements if we were to offer such things

    We would really appreciate your answers. Feel free to respond on this forum, or to contact me directly at Brendan.Quinn@bbc.co.uk or +44 20 800 85097.

    Thanks! Looking forward to hearing your stories :-)


  • STEF

    STEF - 2010-05-29


    So greats project ; thank you all to develop it !! ♥

    - I'm an audiovisual advisor and post production supervisor for national TV and local TV network in France and Europe
    - I just make test and game with it ; I'd like to try working with several Avid worstations
    - I like all features ; I d'ont like Suse, I prefere Debian / Ubuntu
    1. I would like the possibility to ingest/transfert P2 card or XDCAM onto \AvidMediaFiles\MXF\Ingest with media harmony and create AAF link in a web browser as Media Manager does ; 2. I would like the possibility to share projects as Unity does ; 3. Woking on Debian


    Best regards


  • zimbotjam

    zimbotjam - 2010-07-29

    i am jim shupert , i work for a post production facility and i wish to create unCompressed YUV 10 standard def video , PCM audio into an MXF and beable add custom metadata

  • Anonymous - 2010-08-20

    I am a AV / Video editor.
    I am looking for a system to record all camera feeds from 3 Sony EX 3 cameras and Vision Mix.
    I would love support for Blackmagic Decklink cards. Also to get support for Final Cut.

    I have just found this project and thought how amazing it is but is very much broadcast only (IE AVID)

    I would love to build a 4 HD-SDI input machine that transcoded straight to DVD for the client / production house to take away with them but have Prores/XDCAM 4:2:2 50 Mpbs output files for storage/editing later.


  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2010-08-20

    We do support FCP, for example via the Quicktime DV encoding formats.
    We can also output an Apple XML file to give a list of clips, multicamera groups etc.

    Blackmagic Declink support is something we are working on.

    We don't do ProRes but we do do 50 Mbit/s MPEG 4:2:2 long GOP (like XDCAM).  Not sure how many HD streams can be done on a single machine but less than 4, I think.  DVCPRO-HD maybe you might get 4 on a high spec machine.

  • Anonymous - 2010-08-20

    Hi john, Thank you for the very quick reply. Can you create two streams at the same time one for DVD and the other with the selected codec if the Hardrives are fast enough. This should be able to be done with Intel i7 Quad core.

    This would make it ideal so Clients can get review unedited footage nearly straight after filming stops.

    Or instead of DVD an x264 version.

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2010-08-20

    Yes, you can create two streams from the same input at the same time.

  • Anonymous - 2010-10-12


    How is Support for Black magic Decklink cards for Ingex?

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2010-10-12

    We have done some work with Decklink cards and eventually we will integrate it with Ingex.  But it's not going to happen for quite a while, I'm afraid.

  • Darren Starr

    Darren Starr - 2010-12-09

    My name is Darren Starr. I am a developer with 5 years experience in broadcast video and broadcast network video on demand systems. I have been a key developer working on hardware based codecs that transmit lossless SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI over ethernet via MXF and RTP. I have also developed both online and offline T-STD model compliant MPEG-2 multiplexers for VoD preparation. I have extensive experience in VBI and ancillary data handling (including AES3 and DolbyE audio) as well as teletext, vps, vitc, vidx, etc… I have also developed a DVD to DVB converter which translates and syncs not only audio, but also subtitles and closed captions.

    Currently, I have been messing around with the Ingex source code. Adding support for capture and preparation of DVB-ASI and MPEG-2 over RTP streams. Additionally, I've been working on 10-bit lossless support for Ingex (currently for SD, but later HD).

    Initially, I plan on building all Ingex front end code for Windows and Mac OS X. Though I have already made a multi-stream, multi-source capture solution and might instead simply target that to Ingex servers instead.

    I have developed "experimental" support for the 4 port DekTec SDI capture adapter that captures all stream components, not just audio and video, but all ancillary data and encapsulates it as per SMPTE MXF specifications within the system item structure.

    I am in the process of trying to establish myself as a commercial support organization for Ingex and some other broadcast related open source programs. It is obvious to me that the broadcast equipment industry is going to commoditize and it's also obvious to me that Ingex looks like the logical starting point for this occur from.

    Great job guys.

  • halfnormal

    halfnormal - 2012-10-09

    Hi all,

    I'm a freelance consultant on a range of things, mostly in developing/south/not-exactly-rich-yet countries. I've still to find an 'affordable' video archiving solution that is significantly better than well-described and well-stored tapes. In my line of work budgets are threadbare at best and buying hardware is already stretching things - whether it's cameras or computers - so the latest raft of wonderful digital/multimedia asset management software systems are still a long way off being realistic.

    Heat, humidity and power cuts pose risks to tape storage and IT networks alike. However, setting up and maintaining a a server and local network is a common and essential part of life. (Think very small low-budget broadcaster, or production house, or human rights NGO, or even a free-lance individual managing an increasing volume of their own archive.)  Depending on quantities and codecs, the storage costs are just in the realm of realistic for archiving video on hard drives.

    A free/open source management tool for video storage and cataloguing for each of these scenarios would be fantastic; and Ingex keeps cropping up as I periodically research what is out there. But without compiling it and having a look it's hard to tell if it is suitable right now.   (It seems s a little high-end for me just now: a 'studio' is a concrete room and if you are lucky it is quiet and has AC, never mind optical fibres and multi HD cams…. :P )

    So … .
    … don't need all the fancy high end capture cards (can ingest from file transfers - over network, hard drive or solid state cards) , but …
    … do need ability to wrap just about anything in MXF and embed metadata in video files themselves (database and data WILL get separated someday… you can depend on it… )
    … do need probably to standardise on a few long-term codecs (e.g. uncompressed SD DV … something for HDV / AVC sources  … JPEG2000 still a long way off indeed… :)  - but external tools could be used to prepare stranger formats
    … do need quick text search tools to find relevant video files
    …  and quick previews for helping find right clips
    … plus quick export function to send clips off to be edited into something bigger
    … and ideally either cross platform, or browser based so allow for use whether a facility is win/mac/linux dependant.

    Does this sound like something Ingex could be used for?

    Having video collections like these well indexed with embedded metadata also makes them much more attractive to better funded libraries and archives who could accession the most valuable collections with minimal effort in future.

    Thoughts or comments welcome!

  • Rui Loureiro

    Rui Loureiro - 2013-02-07


    - My name is Rui Loureiro and I work for Plural Entertainment Portugal ( http://www.pluralportugal.pt )
    - We already do this https://sourceforge.net/projects/ingex/forums/forum/531546/topic/6729299 and we plan to build more systems for other studio locations, some of them to record in HD.
    - The system is very versatile and allows you to make almost everything that is done with other systems of the same type, but with a lower budget. We tried also a EVS video server but the operation guys prefers the Ingex controller interface because they don't need do rename the clips after the recording.
    - If the logging web interface was functional, the system would be perfect.
    - I'm interested in talking about  partnerships or support agreements.


    Rui Loureiro

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2013-02-08

    Hi Rui,

    Good to hear about your system.  We don't offer support agreements.

    Regards - John

  • Rui Loureiro

    Rui Loureiro - 2013-02-08

    Ok John, I'm just answer the question:

    " - whether you would be interested in talking about partnerships or support agreements if we were to offer such things "


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