Chase / chunk Editing ?

  • STEF

    STEF - 2011-10-21


    I think, Ingex has all the tool needed to provide Chase Editing to Avid … as Mog solution with mxfSPEEDRAIL S1000

    Ingex knows writing mxf files and creating AAF.
    A solution without Avid MediaManager or AvidInterplay consists to wirte an AAF and MXF file (to MediaHarmony storage)
    The Avid Editor drag & drop the AAF file (witch is updat by 15s or 30s or 1 min or 2 min … while recording the feeds in mxf)  in a bin and can read a part of the ingested file.
    The feeds keeping on recording, the avid editor can drag & drop again the AAF File to update the clip on Media Composer.
    By this way, the clip grows continuously until the record stops.

    Is it possible to incorpore this kind of functionality on Ingex Studio ?




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