Additional Capture Cards?

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  • Joe Christensen

    Joe Christensen - 2010-12-19

    Is there any update on adding support for additional cards?  This will go a long ways in bringing users and contributers into the project. 

    I learned of Ingex from a talk by Brendan Quinn at OSCON. 

    Cheers, Joe. 

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2010-12-22

    We have a library that supports capture on both DVS and Blackmagic cards.  There is quite a bit of work still to be done to integrate it with Ingex.

  • Darren Starr

    Darren Starr - 2010-12-22


    Did you have any particular cards in mind?

  • Princequillo

    Princequillo - 2011-01-27

    Support for Additional Capture Cards should be a VERY HIGH PRIORITY.

    It is important that the potential of INGEX not be sidetracked through a blind allegiance to a single vendor or technology.

    The high cost of the DVS Centaurus II Video Input Cards, which sell in the United States for approximately $8,000 (£ 5,039.56) apiece is a serious roadblock.  In today's ultra tight economy, it would be quite difficult to justify utilization of this card, particularly when far less expensive (and better known) options exist in the marketplace.

    Kindly provide an update on the status of INGEX support for alternate video input cards.  Is alpha/beta testing currently underway?  How can interested parties assist in the process? Is there a time line for the support of  Blackmagic Design's very popular DeckLink line? 

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2011-01-31


    As I mentioned above, we are working on a video input/output library that supports both DVS and DeckLink cards.  We plan to write a new capture program (to replace dvs_sdi) which uses this library.  However, I expect it will be some months before that is ready.

    I understand your frustration but I am afraid we don't have a lot of effort available to work on this at the moment and we have other priorities.

    Some code has been posted on the Developer forum recently which provides support for DeckLink cards.  Perhaps that will be of use to you.


  • Shigetaka Furukawa

    Several months ago I posted BMD patches, but there was nothing.
    My private opinion, "BBC employee required to Contribute to Ingex"

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2011-02-01


    We did look at your patches and some we used, e.g. ingex/studio/scripts/
    In other cases, they overlapped work we were already doing, e.g. audio buzz in dvs_dummy and NTSC support, so we used our own implementation.
    In the case of BMD support, we prefer to take the approach of a common video i/o library, rather than an alternative version of dvs_sdi for each new capture card.

    We are very grateful for contributions and we incorporate them when we can.


  • Pete Hope

    Pete Hope - 2011-03-10

    Hi John,

    I am also extremely keen to see BMD cards supported. I really feel it would assist the community to develop Ingex alongside you if BMD cards were supported as it would reduce the initial hardware outlay from around £5000 to under £500! This fact alone is the major stumbling block for me personally and no doubt many many others who may be considering Ingex.

    I fully understand why BMD support would not be high on the BBC R&D team's agenda, especially given the financial cuts you are facing, therefore may I respectfully request that a clear development strategy and roadmap is established and distributed here so that  the open source community at large can commence work on BMD support alongside you. This will hopefully take the pressure off of your dev team and also ensure that external dev's such as Shigetaka/tbourbotte don't waste any time contributing in a way which doesn't fit the strategy.

    As a side note, I have just discovered that the Centaurus cards are being discontinued in favour of the forthcoming Atomix devices. I felt I should disseminate this info for anyone looking to make a rather expensive and soon-to-be-outdated purchase!

    Many thanks,


  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2011-03-10

    Hi Pete,

    I completely understand the desire for BMD card support and it is something we would like to see added to Ingex in the future.  The roadmap is as I described above, i.e. using our new video i/o library which supports both DVS and BMD cards.  We intend to publish that library open-source so that the community can contribute to the work.  I'm sorry that progress is slow at the moment.


  • Jason Cain

    Jason Cain - 2011-04-05

    I have a perfectly working Centaurus II that I don't use anymore. If someone is interested, please leave me a PM.

  • Peter Føhns

    Peter Føhns - 2011-05-09

    Hi everybody

    Now that the Centaurus cards are being discontinued, what are the options now ?
    Will there in the near future be support for other video cards.

    We are very interested in Ingex, but we cant go any further before there is a solution for new cards.

    Does anyone have any info regarding this ?

    Kind Regards


  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2011-05-09

    Ingex should work fine with the Atomix LT cards from DVS.

  • Peter Føhns

    Peter Føhns - 2011-05-09

    That sounds very good.

    Is there any chance that i can reach you by phone John ?
    I have just a few questions, and it shouldnt take long.

    Kind Regards


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-08-08

    Will the BMD drivers support the quad cards?

  • Fahad Shahzad

    Fahad Shahzad - 2011-10-08

    anybody can confirm that the BMD cards are works…..

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2011-10-10

    Sorry everybody, we haven't made progress with Decklink cards.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-10-19

    Would there be any interest in releasing a partial patch? I would be interested in finishing the patch if necessary.

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2011-10-19

    I had hoped to use a library we have been developing which provides a common API for i/o using either DVS or Blackmagic cards.  However, the emphasis of our work has changed somewhat and so a more promising approach is simply to write an alternative version of the capture program, dvs_sdi, which works with Blackmagic cards.  Such a program was contributed by Shigetaka Furukawa but it is now heavily out of date compared with current dvs_sdi.cpp.  I could release that code if others are interested in getting it to work.

  • Michael Anisimoff

    Hi john_f,

    I would also be very interested and would be more than happy if you could release that code.


  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2011-10-26

    OK, I have done some work on a Blackmagic capture program "bmd_sdi" based on the contribution from Shigetaka Furukawa.  I updated it to be consistent with current "dvs_sdi" and fixed a few things.

    It's in the studio/capture folder.  You will need to set an environment variable to point at the SDK include folder - see Makefile for details.

    Not tested much but it seems to work.  Enjoy!


  • Michael Anisimoff

    Wow that was fast. Thanks a million John. You've seriously made my day.
    …setting up a test machine now.

  • Rui Loureiro

    Rui Loureiro - 2012-01-19

    Hi everyone,

    Nieselito, have you managed to put the machine to work?
    I'm testing with a DeckLink Studio and am having problems with the recording, I get picture but I can not record anything, something to do with the frame rate. Also can not run the "BlackmagicControlPanel." Aborts randomly before opening. During the installation of descktopvideo using zypper he complains about libstdc + +, but the library is installed. Now I am doing a new clean install and will test the Blackmagic software before installing the ingex.

    i'm testing with Suse 11.4 x86_64, NVIDIA Quadro FX 1500, 2 x Xeon (4 cores), 8 GBytes RAM.
    The machine it's a HP xw8400.

  • Michael Anisimoff

    in our tests we used Suse 11.4 x86_64 on an rather old testing machine: Intel Core  Duo, Nvidia 9800GTX GPU, 4?GB RAM, Deckling Studio / Decklink SDI

    We had to stop testing due to other projects, but our results until than are quite similar to yours.
    Ingex was up and running ok with dvs_dummy. 
    When using bmd_sdi we got a picture and everything seems to be fine but recording fails.
    We roughly assumed it being a timing/clock problem caused by the Decklink. 

    Another problem which occurred was the Decklink card only being able to run with "YUV422" capture buffer but in our scenario the target is to capture DV25 or DV50 (SD 720x576 25i).
    SD_CAPTURE_PRIMARY_BUFFER="DV50" isn't working for  Decklink Cards 
    SD_CAPTURE_PRIMARY_BUFFER="DV25"  wasn't working at all. (bmd_sdi didn't accept this setting)

    As stated before I stopped testing because of other projects and my annual holidays.
    This year until now i did not have any time to look into Ingex again.

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2012-01-20

    Thought this was working.  I will test in our lab.

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2012-01-20

    Try using -tt DVITC or -tt SYS

    Still looking at secondary buffer problem

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