Problems recording

  • stefano

    stefano - 2012-09-07

    We always have problems on 3 machines of frames dropped.
    I noticed that there is a lot of work on the smart disk.
    I have a 2 raid 1 with 2: one for the system and one for video.
    It is working with the raid may compromise the success of the recording and it is better to work without raid?

  • Matthew Marks

    Matthew Marks - 2012-09-10

    You should be using RAID 0 - striping - which multiplies the write speed by the number of disks.  RAID 1 is mirroring which provides redundancy but does not increase the write speed over a single disk.

    We generally create an array of three drives in RAID 0 for /video (XFS-formatted), and use the fourth as the system disk.  There is no advantage for Ingex in using a RAID array for the system disk.


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