2.1-beta Released

InfraRED 1.2-beta has been released. The following new features have been added

* Added JMX support for infrared properties. A new MBean named Infrared Properties has been created
to expose infrared properties.
* Changed the layer display to show the order in which the layers are invoked.
* Changed HTTPResponse page by showing time taken for each URL similar to the api summary page.
* The PerformanceSummary page also displays the top 10 requests by Adjusted Avg Time

The following issues have been resolved.
* Removed dependency on Weblogic SP3 by removing the bean:define struts Tag

Checkout the jpetstore based demo available under the samples directory. Refer to the readme.txt for more details on setting up the demo.

Posted by Kamal Govindraj 2005-09-20

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