#6 Need to have HTML reports generated on Tomcat shutdown


InfraRED is based on the notion that a user will
manually monitor an app's stats (by explicitely
clicking around on a live Tomcat).

I'd like to use InfraRED integrated with Ant and
Cactus. I want to launch a bunch of tests I have (using
Cactus) and have InfraRED generate a report at the end,
when Tomcat shuts down (Cactus takes care of launching
a test copy of Tomcat during the build, running the
tests, and shutting it down).

I already do this for code coverage with Emma and it
works great. I get a great report in HTML format which
I can browse after the build runs (and therefore after
the tests run). It also means that each build has its
corresponding reports, available offline. I can see how
much of the code my tests are really testing with Emma.
I'd like to do the same for performance, with InfraRED.
But all automatic, from the build.

In other words: please allow me to tell InfraRED to
generate a nice report in HTML which can be browsed
offline after Tomcat terminates . I'd like to be able
to tell InfraRED where to generate the report. All from
the Ant task.

For ideas/inspiration, look at Emma. Or the JUnit Ant
task and the corresponding junitreport Ant task. They
allow people to do a similar thing for the JUnit tests.


--marcio (mqm)


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