#33 What software do you use for testing?

Hugh Allen

I asked this in the Discussion area in September but received no reply, so I'm trying here.

I encountered a bug and I'm interested in tracking it down and making a useful
bug report, but I don't want to do lots of trial and error with CDRs.
Do you use any "virtual burner" software, such as Virtual CD or Phantom
Burner, for testing?
Perhaps a virtual machine program like VMware supports virtual burning these


  • Christian Kindahl

    Good question! I rarely (comparatively) verify actually burned CDs. Most often my work involves testing that the generated file system works fine. For that I make InfraRecorder output a disc image file on the hard drive. I can then mount the disc image using for example WinCDEmu or analyze it using software like IsoBuster or in some cases a plain hex editor. I have started working on my own tools for this purpose but I have nothing finished yet.

    For burning physical CDs I typically burn to rewritable media, that saves me tons of otherwise wasted media.

    If you find any other software solution, please let me know.

    • Hugh Allen

      Hugh Allen - 2012-12-06

      Sorry, I just realized I should probably have clicked the Reply button for your message, not the one for the whole thread. See my reply below. (I would delete it and put it here instead but I don't have "Moderate" access and can't do that)

  • Hugh Allen

    Hugh Allen - 2012-12-06

    The problem occurred when burning an audio CD, which AFAIK can't be described by an ISO file. I don't suppose there is any other type of image file it can output?

    • Christian Kindahl

      Unfortunately InfraRecorder doesn't support disc images for audio CDs.

      Could you perhaps burn to a CD-RW? You could also have a look at the InfraRecorder log file before trying to burn anything again.



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