Audio DVD

Kirk Hunt
  • Kirk Hunt

    Kirk Hunt - 2007-10-28

    Excellent Program^3!!!

    Is it possible to create Audio DVD's? It would provide approximately 500 minutes of track space. On researching, (including just trying to burn a Audio DVD), the idea is out there, but not widely in play. Thanks.

    • Wasim Kayal

      Wasim Kayal - 2008-05-29

      I agree, superb piece of OSS, simple and efficient.

      It would be nice if the Audio DVDs feature would be added some day. Until then I use another project called DVD audio Tools, its CLI but runs better than most GUIs. You will need mkisofs.exe found in the IfraRecorder program folder. Just follow the instructions. The only thing is they mention an optional step which I didn't need for my cars changer but needed if I put the dvd directly in the deck. I still have no idea why that happens, but use the -pp option just in case yours needs it.


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