MPEG-4 Part 14 support

  • Jaime

    Jaime - 2008-02-07

    Can you please please include decoding support for m4a files? I have some songs encoded in this format which I would like to burn to CD-R's without having to transcode them into .mp3 first.


    • Burov Dmitry

      Burov Dmitry - 2008-02-10

      never transcode one lossy (destructive) format to another, if need - unpack them to non-compressed WAV instead.

      • Jaime

        Jaime - 2008-02-10

        That's what I do. I uncompress them back into .wav and then re-encode them into an .mp3. But that's too much work. (and I know turning it into an .mp3 is a useless step but still...) Even if I just uncompress the .m4a's into .wav files, it still takes a while on my slow computer. and also, I have a limited HDD space. What if I have a whole CD's-worth of .m4a files that I want to burn into a CD? You're telling me I have to turn them into .wav files and THEN burn them? What if I don't have that much free HDD space? :-P

        Hence why I'm asking for .m4a support. :-D


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