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Moved to Github

The project's code development has been moved to github.
Feel free to send a pull request, and I will review it as soon as I can.
I will be continuing to post binary releases on SourceForge though.
I will maintain and optimize Infraelly's presence here on SourceForge.
License for all code is now GPLv3, effective as of September, 2013.


Posted by PyroSamurai 2014-04-19

Infraelly r11611 w32 (no src)

This is probably the most functionaly and stable the server has ever been. If you're looking to try out infraelly without compiling it from souce, this is the version you're after =D

Windows only. No sourcecode is included in file.

Posted by insanepotato 2011-02-10

Git repository up

we now have a git repository so i won't be spamming the files section with mini-updates anymore, or the news section with info about mentioned updates lol ^^

check it out =)

more info:

Posted by insanepotato 2010-12-16

Infraelly r11071

fixed using files from data packs... again x_x
also fixed a bunch of xml data loading errors.
This will actually run.. unlike the previous file i uploaded >,<

Posted by insanepotato 2010-12-15

Build 11004

Packing and Using Packed Resources works =D
The packer has been fixed. it was kinda fail before...
The important classes have been edited to use datapacks/caches and work properly, include images and InfraellyMixer.

Posted by insanepotato 2010-11-29

Build 10820

The packer context has been implemented. It will create a pack named data.ipf containing the files listed in "dataFilelist.txt" which can be generated by "makeDataFileList.bat" on windows.

mapper: use middle mouse button to paint bucket fill

Posted by insanepotato 2010-11-23

Build 10034

This build introduces the Item maker.

Augumentation has not been implemented yet. nor has item actions

Posted by insanepotato 2010-01-30

License Change from Build 1000 onward

Infraelly source is now licensed under LPGPL opposed to BSD from builds 1000 onward

Posted by insanepotato 2010-01-30