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Hello, I use zip on the Unix system services z/OS mainframe.
But I have a small pb with the -a option. It works well, but it doesn't support our code page.
Therefore I'm looking for a way to specify international code pages, when I use zip.
I provide you the conversion code. But I haven't the skills to include it into the C code and add the new parameter like -a 273 to 819.
The -l or -ll option should still work.
Do you know anyone who can update zip?


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Unicode Conversion Service on System z/OS

  • Ed Gordon

    Ed Gordon - 2010-07-09

    Which version of Zip are you using? If you can provide the output of "zip -v" that would help.

    Can you be more specific as to what you are doing?

    Have you tried using the latest Zip 3.1c beta just posted weeks ago? Would appreciate getting some feedback on that as there was significant z/OS changes in it.

    The goal has been to have the local code page automatically recognized by Zip, which it should now, rather than require the user to identify the code page.

  • Ed Gordon

    Ed Gordon - 2010-07-21

    There is very active discussion of this on the Info-ZIP forum on this thread:
    Please see that and try your questions there or in a related forum thread there.

  • Ed Gordon

    Ed Gordon - 2010-07-21
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