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JInfoCard 2.0.1 released

today we've released JInfoCard 2.0.1. This is a minor bug-fix release based on feedback we've received from our users:

- the framework now initializes the OpenSAML library in the class constructor instead of within a static block, in order to fix an issue with tomcat on OS X and linux.

- this release adds an option to set the default charset assumed by the servlet filter. This is necessary because some InfoCard clients use UTF-8 without supplying the corresponding HTTP header, which causes compliant server software to expect iso-8859-1.... read more

Posted by Christopher Taylor 2009-07-31

JInfoCard 2.0.0 released!

We are pleased to announce the release of JInfoCard version 2.0.0. This release is a complete rewrite which contains many new features and improvements, including:
- support for HTTP and HTTPS deployments
- support for SAML1 and SAML2
- new, Maven2-based build system with automatic dependency handling

Posted by Christopher Taylor 2008-11-26

move to Subversion for source control

going forward, we'll be using Subversion for source code access. While the old code will remain available from the CVS repository, all new development (well, more like a rewrite :) is now available through the subversion repo.


Posted by Christopher Taylor 2008-10-14

JInfocard 2.0

Hey InfoCard optimists …

After a while, Fraunhofer FOKUS is again working on improvements for the JInfoCard framework, to make it simpler and easier to integrate in existing java-based application server and to enable SAML 2.0 tokens. Moreover – even though we do not like the idea too much – we will enable non-ssl access. Next to brushing up and updating our framework, we are working very hard on a new portal to give you one single point of contact to test and experiment with InfoCards, Security Tokens and Security Token Services online.
Therefore a new website at https://www.jinfocard.org/minishop2 was created. Please have a look, try it out and give us feedback.
We'll will keep you updated for further developments... our next milestone is until end of October, so we're confident, that we'll have the website fully online and functional by then.... read more

Posted by Christopher Taylor 2008-10-14

Relaunch of the Mini-Shop

We have relaunched our test-page and sandbox. We hope it will demonstrate more effectively the InformationCard-functionalities. Have a look at:

Within the next week we hope to put the full documentation online, so that web admins and other users have the opportunity to install our java package.
We hope to meet your expectations, please do not hesitate to contact us.... read more

Posted by Jens Fromm 2007-08-20

Final steps ahead

After 2 and a half month we are almost finished with an acceptable version of the java web based platform.
The mini shop is demonstrating Information Card interoperability on heterogeneous platforms using Java language.
This is why we call the community to give us some final feedback on the current code, so that we are able to consider your feedback and improve the source code as soon as possible.
At the same time we are working on a documentation for web admins, so that you will be able to transfer the framework to your webside. This way, your users will be able to use Information Cards in the future. This will improve your webside and will offer better access to users and visitors.
We are very thankful for your feedback so far and we hope that our OpenSource project will contribute to better and more secure usages of websides.
We look forward to your feedback!!!... read more

Posted by Jens Fromm 2007-07-05

InformationCard Java launched

You will find all relevant information regarding the project InformationCard Java at http://informationcard.sourceforge.net/

Posted by Jens Fromm 2007-05-21