Anonymous - 2010-06-21

Error: add cast to 'saml2Assertion'
if(log.isDebugEnabled()) {
log.debug("decrypted SAML2 Assertion:\n" +

The 2nd error: add cast to 'now'
public void validateTokenLifetime(DateTime notBefore, DateTime notOnOrAfter) throws JICException {
DateTime now = new DateTime();
if (now.minusSeconds(TIME_JITTER_SECONDS).isAfter(notOnOrAfter))
throw new JICException("received expired token.");
if (now.plusSeconds(TIME_JITTER_SECONDS).isBefore(notBefore))
throw new JICException("token is expired or was sent from the future.");

I don't know the problem and how to solve this error , please help.

thank you,