update period, frequency, etc ignored

  • Robert A. Decker

    I create a feed with:
    _feedManager = new FeedManager(ChannelUpdatePeriod.UPDATE_HOURLY, 2);

    This tells me it should update feeds every 30 minutes. I also create my feed with:
    feed = _feedManager.addFeed(_uriStringRSS, 1000*60*30);
    ChannelIF channel = feed.getChannel();
    channel.setUpdateBase(new Date());

    Even with all of this, it still updates every 5 minutes! Not every 30 minutes. I'd really like it to update every 31 minutes, or, if that's not possible, then every 30.

    Any ideas?

    • Robert A. Decker

      This is a 'nevermind' for my previous question. I was watching the 'INFO' log output and was seeing an update message every 5 minutes, but it looks like it doesn't do the actualy hit on the external rss process every 5 minutes, but rather whatever my setting is (30 minutes, above).


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