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Moved to Github

The project has moved into Github. All future development and releases can be found at:

Posted by Duilio J. Protti 2013-10-18

Infinity plugin revamped!

A long time has past. XMMS is not available anymore in major distros, so then Infinity moves to the newer Audacious media player based on the old good one XMMS. The first 0.7.0beta1 does not support navigation keys in interactive mode and also does not support configuration of plugin parameters, but it works in Audacious!

Posted by Duilio J. Protti 2009-04-18

XMMS Infinity plugin package name changed for release 0.6.2

An option was added to let see the current play title on the
Infinity's title bar. Also there is support now for the new
vectorization features which comes with GCC 4. The package name now is xmms-infinity, instead of infinity-plugin.

Posted by Duilio J. Protti 2005-07-18

New Infinity Plugin Website

A new website has been designed, which uses a Content Management System to help keep things more actualized.

Posted by Duilio J. Protti 2004-11-16

Display scrambled bug finally removed!

The problem was that XMMS also uses MMX extensions, and
floating point registers and MMX registers are overlaped
(they are exactly the same). So, if there is a context switch
while infinity is using MMX registers (an before to finish
and call emms() to come back to fp mode), the processor
is yielded to XMMS, and then when the control comes back to
infinity, probably the MMX registers are completely trashed,
if XMMS has performed any fp operation.

Posted by Duilio J. Protti 2004-06-20

Infinity plugin doesn't work on Debian

I have been awared about problems running Infinity on Debian distros. It show anomalous colors on some kind of static. This is an open bug on where there is a lot of working on.

Posted by Duilio J. Protti 2004-05-20

Infinity XMMS plugin: Major bugfix

Major bugfix release 0.5.4. Fixes problem of completely
deadlock when XMMS go to play on some systems. Also
window closing is now disabled, so only XMMS
enable/disables the plugin.

Posted by Duilio J. Protti 2004-05-16

Infinity XMMS plugin 0.5.3 released

Now, when the window is iconified, the plugin just go sleep and don't consume cpu time. Also, there is a limit on the frames/second that the plugin computes, so if the window is small or the system very fast, just take the timeslice it needs an yields the processor to another process.

Posted by Duilio J. Protti 2004-05-14

Platform independent release

Now the configure script includes the option 'disable-mmx' to turn off the MMX detection support, so the plugin would be compile on any platform.

Posted by Duilio J. Protti 2004-05-11

Window Resizing

The new version 0.5.0 of Infinity gives the user the capability to resize the window on the fly just with the mouse. It also include, for the developers, structured doxygen-like comments on the code, so now the documentation could be generated automatically from sources.

Posted by Duilio J. Protti 2004-05-08

First release on

Infinity is a visualization plugin for the XMMS audio player. It was originally written by Julien Carme, and is actually maintained by Duilio Protti. This is the first release on, and includes rewritten routines for to take advantages of MMX instructions set. Infinity plugin doesn't require 3D hardware aceleration support.

Posted by Duilio J. Protti 2004-05-04

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