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mIRC MySQL is basically dead until I can get a hard drive for Windows. I still mark up my existing code and jot down new ideas, but I can't really go beyond that. If anyone wants to donate a small hard drive, about 10 to 40 gigs, send me an email. Your donation will be credited.

Sirv is not my project, but I am explicitly authorized to distribute, develop, and support it. Even though it is not mine, I will respond to support requests and bug reports.... read more

Posted by Michael Reynolds 2006-12-26

mIRC MySQL Status Update

I'm nearing completion of the new version. With work and school and family life, updating is difficult, but not impossible. I will continue to update mIRC MySQL, even if it takes a long time.

Posted by Michael Reynolds 2004-07-05

Status of mIRC MySQL

For those of you who have been wondering, I have not given up on mIRC MySQL. I was planning on a new release, version 2.0, this month, but it is taking longer than I had expected for completion. If you're one of the users looking for libmySQL.dll, you can find it at

Posted by Michael Reynolds 2004-02-23

Complete rewrite of Infiniti Software

All code is going to be redone. While doing this, there will not be enough time to handle bug reports and feature requests. However, upon nearing the new versions' completions, feature requests will be taken. Bug reports for current and previous versions of infiniti software will be handled on a case by case basis, when time permits.

Posted by Michael Reynolds 2003-10-01

v1.4.0.0 released

Version has been released, with new features, and a few bug fixes. You can download it at

Posted by Michael Reynolds 2002-09-07

New releases

mIRC MySQL v1.3.0.0 was released today, to fix a large amount, if not all, of the memory leaks. Additionally, smaller files were released which do not contain the libmysql.dll file. These releases are for the users who already have the dll, or wish to download it separately.
Newest release:
Newest small release:
And the libmysql.dll file:

Posted by Michael Reynolds 2002-09-04

mIRC MySQL bug fix update

Version was released today to fix many bugs in the previous version. An update to this version is recommended. You can download it at

Posted by Michael Reynolds 2002-09-04

First release!

Today, infiniti released its first project, mIRC MySQL. This DLL will allow a user to communicate with a MySQL server through the popular mIRC IRC client.

Posted by Michael Reynolds 2002-08-29