Samuel Iglesias

Development tips for new contributors.

If this is your first time writing kernel code and/or contributing some drivers, please read these documents.

It is recommended to read one of these books, even if they are not very updated nowadays.


Clone the development repository from:

git clone git:// industrypack-code

The "master" branch follows Torvalds' Linux repository.

The "char-misc-next" branch follows GregKH's char-misc repository, "char-misc-next" branch. This latter repository is automatically pulled by linux-next maintainers. Please, use this branch as reference for new developments before its submission to LKML.

There could be more branches. Their name will indicate to what they are used for.

Coding Style

It follows the Linux Kernel Coding Style as the final aim is to submit it to Linux Kernel.

Send a patch

To send a patch, please first read the article The Perfect Patch.

Then watch Greg Kroah Hartman's video from FOSDEM 2010.

When you are ready, send the patch to industrypack-devel mailing list.

Ask, ask, ask

If you have some doubt, please don't hesitate to send your question to industrypack-devel mailing list.