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ANNOUNCE - IndiMail 1.8.6 Released


DATE: Tue Jan 22 18:44:27 IST 2013

This is Release 1.8.6 of IndiMail. The release has both source.tar.gz, RPMs and debs.

o Do not skip X-Mailer in DKIM signing
o fixed tcpserver bug causing ip address match with cdb to fail
o made diskquota, maxmsgcount, defaultquota, defaultmaxmsgcount in vlimits unsigned
o DISABLE_CNAME_LOOKUP functionality for qmail-remote
o New program rrt to respond to Return-Receipt-To requests
o Added functionality to enforce STARTTLS before auth using FORCE_TLS env variable.
o Upgraded to fetchmail 6.3.24

This release includes the following files

README-1.8.6 (Introduction to IndiMail)
INSTALL-1.8.6 (Source Installation Instructions)
INSTALL-RPM-1.8.6 (Install Instructions using RPM)
INSTALL-MYSQL-1.8.6 (MySQL specific Installation Instructions)
README-CLUSTER (Steps on configuring a clustered setup)
Quick-INSTALL-1.8.6 (A minimal documentation on Installation/Configuration)
RELEASE-Notes-1.8.6 (This file)
indimail-1.8.6.tar.gz (IndiMail source)

IndiMail has two RPM / yum repositories for most of the Linux Distros at

Stable Releases

Bleeding Edge Releases
IndiMail has RPM / yum repositories for the latest features being added. You will find the bleeding edge RPMs at

You will find the RPMs for both 32bit and 64bit OS on the above
two repositories

Currently, the list of supported distributions for IndiMail is (for
both 32 and 64 bit) are

o openSUSE 12.2
o openSUSE 12.1
o openSUSE 11.4
o openSUSE 11.3
o openSUSE Tumbleweed
o SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP2
o SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP1
o SUSE Linux Enterprise 11
o SUSE Linux Enterprise 10
o openSUSE Factory

* Red Hat
o Fedora 17
o Fedora 16
o Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
o Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
o CentOS 6
o CentOS 5
o Mandriva_2011

* Debian
o Debian 6.0
o Debian 5.0
o Ubuntu 12.10
o Ubuntu 12.04
o Ubuntu 11.10
o Ubuntu 11.04
o Ubuntu 10.10
o Ubuntu 10.04
o Ubuntu 9.10


* Tue Jan 22 2013
Release 1.8.6 Start 05/08/2012
1. autoresponder.c - Added description for -T option
2. dkim.c - do not skip X-Mailer headers
3. qmail-dkim.c - do not skip X-Mailer headers
4. BUG - tcpserver.c - wrong variable used for ip address causing fnrules to fail in ip add
5. made diskquota, maxmsgcount, defaultquota, defaultmaxmsgcount in vlimits unsigned
6. indisrvr.c - removed pidfile
7. dns.c - added DISABLE_CNAME_LOOKUP for qmail-remote
8. new program rrt for handling Return Receipts
10. qmail-remote - fix SIGSEGV in run_script
11. qmail-remote - set [S|Q]MTPTEXT, [S|Q]MTPCODE for transient errors
12. qmail-remote - fix smtptext during TLS
13. FORCE_TLS functionality in qmail-smtpd
14. Upgraded to fetchmail 6.3.24

Posted by Manvendra Bhangui 2013-01-22

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