ANNOUNCE - IndiMail 1.7.2 Released


DATE: Wed Mar 31 08:49:12 IST 2010

This is Release 1.7.2 of IndiMail. The release has both source.tar.gz and RPMs

This release introduces QMTP support in qmail-remote. The RPM installation now creates a QMTP service. To enable QMTP service to your servers, you will have to create qmtproutes file.

This release fixes quite many bugs identified by Tobias Schmidt (greylisting, documentation, chowkidar)

This release includes the following files

README (Introduction to IndiMail)
INSTALL-1.7.2 (Installation Instructions)
INSTALL-RPM-1.7.2 (Install Instructions for RPM)
INSTALL-MYSQL-1.7. (MySQL specific Installation Instructions)
README-CLUSTER (Steps on installing a clustered setup)
Quick-INSTALL-1.7.2 (A minimal documentation on Installation)
RELEASE-Notes-1.7.2 (This file)
indimail-1.7.2.tar.gz (IndiMail source)

IndiMail has two yum repositories for most of the Linux Distros at

Stable Releases

Bleeding Edge Releases
IndiMail has yum repositories for the latest features being added. You will find
the bleeding edge rpms at
You will also find the RPMs for both 32bit and 64bit OS on the above

Currently, the list of supported distributions for IndiMail is (for
both 32 and 64 bit) are

o openSUSE 11.2
o openSUSE 11.1
o openSUSE 11.0
o SUSE Linux Enterprise 11
o SUSE Linux Enterprise 10
o openSUSE Factory

* Red Hat
o Fedora 12
o Fedora 11
o Fedora 10
o Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
o CentOS 5

* Mandriva Linux
o Mandriva 2010
o Mandriva 2009.1
o Mandriva 2009


* Wed Mar 31 2010
Release 1.7.2 Start 15/03/2010
1. Added unsigned integer overflow check to alloc.c in ucspi-tcp, qmail Matthew Dempsky -
2. Added --deliverycount-limit option for vdelivermail to record email delivery counts
3. Tested with MariaDB 5.1.42
4. fixed calling of overquota command when user becomes overquota [2974478]
5. Moved to libexec
6. Added QMTP support in qmail-remote [2976840]
7. Added option to create qmail-qmtpd service in svctool create_services
8. Added dkim man page
9. Added QUEUEPROG environment variable in qmail-multi to execute alternate queue program instead of qmail-queue
10. Updated envrules environment variables in qmail-smtpd, qmail-inject, spawn-filter man pages
11. use tcp.qmtp.cdb for qmtpd service
12. use localiphost instead of hostip for local IP address
13. use if get_local_ip() fails in inlookup [2977996]
14. BUG - Fixed typo in
15. BUG - Fixed SIGSEGV in spamReport() function in spam.c [2979103]
16. BUG - fixed "Invalid TIMESTAMP: Internal Bug problem" in LoadBMF.c [2979103]
17. BUG - call qmail-cdb instead of qmail-spamdb in spam.c [2979103]
18. BUG - Fix output being sent to client instead of log [2979100]
19. BUG - pass ipv4 address to greylist() in smtpd.c [2979391]

Posted by Manvendra Bhangui 2010-03-31

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