Hi ketan,

Thanks for reply, Which OS are you using currently? b'cause If you are using Fedora then no worries, font is default installed.

We are currently using lohit-gujarati font, if you want to link then let me know, Typing in gujarati is very easy, I will explain it later.

If you know about IRC then join to #GOVC channel, it stands for "Gujarati Open Source Vibrant Community", We will be there for help :)


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Hello friend,
It is indeed necessary step for promoting open source among Gujaratis. But let is make simple. How to type in Gujarati, which fonts are perfect and what to do to start with open source thing like BOSS or Redhat or anything else.
Ketan Upadhyay
Translator (language technology expert)

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Hello Dear Members,
Since a long time, the open source community for contribution in Gujarati is in a sleeping state. And so I thought it is a time to bring it back to life.
As a first step towards this, I thought it would be great to have a channel which will help the community members to get in touch & inspire each other to contribute more to the cause of open source.
For that I have created a channel on IRC called "#GOVC" (freenode) which stands for  "Gujarati Open source Vibrant Community".
This channel will help to bring the members together, inspire them to participate more towards open source, bring more people to join the community and allow them to share the thoughts, ideas & problems with each other.
So friends, come & join the channel.


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