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Content - Collaboration - Consistency Y2011Q1 # / issue 1

More than two years on! 11 languages  are with FUEL. Till now, FUEL had already organised 8 languages workshops for evaluating terminology. Released the beta of  'Computer Translation Style and Convention Guide for Hindi.' A lot more to do. Initiated by Red Hat, the project got supports and contributions from several languages communities and various organizations like CDAC GIST, Indlinux, Sarai, CDAC Chennai, Acharya Nagarjuna University, A. N. Sinha Institute of Socail Studies, Maithili Academy, Gujarati Lexicon, Infineon Infotech, NRCFOSS, SICSR, Gnunify, Sahit Academy, PLUG, SMC, to name a few. 

urduFUEL Welcomes Urdu, which is not merely a 'Jaban' but one 'Mukkamal Tahjib' as well.

The Urdu Community involved in the localization of Urdu has decided to go with FUEL. For more details about Urdu @ FUEL please visit FUEL Urdu page.

TukaramTukaram Says*

ords are the only jewels I possess,
Words are the only clothes I wear,
Words are the only food that sustains my life,
Words are the only wealth I distribute among people.
            *Translated by Dilip Chitre
Contribute to FUEL:

We are continuously putting efforts to create linguistics resources required for the localization. We need more and more languages to join this effort and so your help is needed:

Add you language to FUEL - FUEL is very eager to help all type of language irrespective of their market potential to conduct workshop and meet to create and evaluate FUEL list. So please join our effort and make the first strong step towards creating a standardised language desktop.

Cross platform Database - Different translation tools on different platforms have different ways of dealing with data provided to them. So need is to create one database that can be used by major available tools.

In open content field and particularly for Indian Languages there are lack of Style Guide. So we are now moving in that direction as well to help community to create style guide as well. So please come forward and create one style guide for your language.

fuel malayalam

Of late, FUEL project has organised Malayalam and Punjabi language workshop in Kerala and Punjab respectively. Thanks to Punjabi and Malayalam Community for organising workshops. FUEL thanks to Swathantra Malayalam Computing and Satluj Open Source Project. In this year itself, FUEL released the beta of Computer Translation Style and Convention Guide for Hindi. In Oct 2010, we have conducted FUEL Meet for Telugu successfully at Nagarjuana University.


Our aim is to ensure the use of FUEL terminologies and for this, we are working hard. Though we feel that already localised language have little difficulty in implementing the list in one go due to lot of rework, so there we are trying to push the change in phase wise. For this, we are contacting localizers and organizations involved. By default for some languages, FUEL is the primary glossary in Pootle and so being used where Pootle works. For example, Libreoffice translation.

virtaalVirtaal is a graphical translation tool. It is meant to be easy to use and powerful at the same time. The Virtaal is using FUEL terminology for Indian languages. Thanks to the Virtaal Guys for creating such a good translation tool.

Future Plans:

We are working to have more workshops for few languages in near future. Chhatisgadi and Kannada communities are working on the plan. We are in the process to arrange one meet for reviewing Hindi Style Guide as well.Languages are archive of our culture and it would be better if we can start making our language digitally strong enough. Particularly, open source lack much in terms of terminology management and we would be happy if we can get contribution towards where use of the FUEL can be increased. So please come forward to create something so...!

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