Thanks for taking an initiative in this direction.

Let's prepare some draft of Sty.le Guide for Gujarati, which will help everyone to participate.


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Subject: [Indianoss-gujarati] Style Guide for Gujarati

Hi All,

I am going to start style guide for Gujarati, We have felt the need of
one style & convention guide for Gujarati, a guidelines which can
be treated as a reference point for Gujarati language community working
for the localization.

The style guide will be helpful in making the translation better as
different people are adopting different styles and this result in
inconsistency and lack of flow in the text. It will help to make our
translation more fair, more accurate, more consistent. The style &
convention guide will try to help translators and interested
localization engineers in increasing understandability of several
aspects of translation. This guide will talk about Fonts, Collation,
Numerals, Calendar, Acronym, Glossaries, Punctuations, White Spaces,
Message Lengths, to name a few.

I will take reference of hindi style guide which is already ready, have
attached the hindi style guide for reference, Let me know if anybody
willing to participate on it.


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