#70 INDI control panel cannot set GPhoto CCD.CCD_INFO.CCD_BITSPERPIXEL

gphoto (2)

INDI control panel 'GPhoto CCD' 'Image Info' tab allows in 'CCD Information' the bits per pixel to be set.
That's 14 for my EOS 40D, yet on setting the active value remains on 8.
Driver level debugging is enabled, but nothing was added there on pressing 'Set'

This is on indi-gphoto 1.4+r114.251~ubuntu15.10.1 from mutlaqja/ppa on Ubuntu Wily.

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  • Jasem Mutlaq

    Jasem Mutlaq - 2016-03-22

    All images captured via GPhoto and sent to KStars and/or saved are 8bits per channel except for RAW a sit retains the original bits per pixel value. Thus it always remain 8 bit. If you capture RAW, it will be 14 or whatever is supported by your camera.

  • Hans Lambermont

    Hans Lambermont - 2016-03-23

    This is very confusing. If it is always 8 bit per channel, then why have it as a setter (exposed to the user) ?
    And why does this limitation exist in the first place ? Is this a limitation in INDI and/or in Kstars and/or in Gphoto driver ?


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