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Incubus project turning point

Due to its fast development feature, we are now changing the main programming language of the Incubus data modeler from C++ to Python.
Instead, we are still using the Qt library with the PyQt bindings. The main motivation of the change was the fast testing feature of Python, because we do not need to recompile the code for every change. Thus, we can feel a sensive growth of productivity.
Programming with PyQt is very similar to Qt/C++, with the difference that Python is a very easy and high level language.
With all this features, we can release new versions of Incubus more quickly, creating a better interaction with the community.
We know that we could experience low perfomace due to Python's interpretation overhead, but at the moment this is imperceptible.
By now, consider the "incubus-python" application as a functional prototype. If needed, we could return to the C++ code, but we hope not. We are leaving the C++ coding to more critical modules, but we do not see any reasons yet, as the Qt library does all the "hard job".
The first public release of the incubus-python will be as soon as possible.

Posted by Eric Jardim 2004-12-17

Incubus new website

Thanks to PSL-Brasil ( and specially to Antnio Terceiro, the Incubus project now has a new website hosting.
Due to fact that the website is now a Wiki ( and slows down to the site speed, we moved out to a faster site.
Apart from being faster, the site has a new look and is much easier to update, thanks to the Wiki colaborative working model.

Posted by Eric Jardim 2004-12-01

Incubus data modeler, prototype 0.0.3

In this new version of incubus-prototype we can create and edit some logical entities. It is good to feel and explore the user interface. We need some help testing. Come on folks, we need some feedback. Happy modeling :)

Posted by Eric Jardim 2004-08-11

Incubus prototype debut!

The development team of the Incubus data modeler is proud to announce its first source code release. But do not expect to much. There is no much progress in terms of functionalities, but you can feel what we will see in future releases. And it is easy to install. So... happy "soon" modeling :)

Posted by Eric Jardim 2004-08-04

Birth of the project!

Hi, everyone. This is the incubus data modeler project. It is intended to be just the most powerfull, extensible and usable data modeler tool, as good as usual business applications, but better and free.

The development stage will be split into prototypes. Each prototype should explore one or more functionalities and you can help in many ways: downloading, using, bug reporting, sugesting or participating as a consultor, developer or translator.... read more

Posted by Eric Jardim 2004-07-22

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