I cant download the file

  • Connor Moore

    Connor Moore - 2011-01-06

    When I download incredibots and the folder pops-up after the download is complete and out of that folder i can't find anything that will play the game. It is all documents

  •  EMDF

    EMDF - 2011-01-07

    There should be two HTML files (one if you downloaded the Jaybit edition) that let you play IncrediBots after you download it. Some systems tend to not like these files, so here's a troubleshooting guide I copy-pasted from our other forums to help you out:

    1. Extract the entire ZIP file to a folder rather than extracting individual files

    2. Open the HTML file instead of the SWF file, once everything is extracted

    3. If doing that doesn't work, go to your browser, select an empty tab/window (or the one that you created by opening the HTML file) and select File>Open File (or similar; the name varies by browser). Browse to where you extracted the ZIP file, then select one of the two HTML files and click "Open"

    4. If none of the above works, you can use a program that can open the SWF file directly, such as the free _Flash Movie Player_

    That last one tends to be the "last resort", but I've found it works pretty good. Let me know if it doesn't work though.


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