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Welcome To Our Project Page!
We are still working on our Project, More Info Later!
Developers are:
Jorgos Nomikos: App Developer + Site Management.
Roy Tull: App Developer
Bekir Sancar: Beta Tester + Bug Finder


Based on Android .img did we successful imported it into an Apple Application.
This is how we did started with the Idea of using the iPhone and iPod Touch to work with an PS3 Compatible.
We First Tough that its just easy if we change the iPhone Main Settings to the Settings of an iPod Nano...
This did not worked very good :(
So we just did some research and we funded out that there is an exploit in The Great Apple Mobile Device.
We will not say this Exploit but we are gonna make the App of the Future for the All Devices!

We Call it iHack a app to hack other devices!
iHack can hack the following Devices:

Windows PC XP
Windows PC Vista
Windows PC 7
Windows PC 2000
Windows Server 2003
Mac (Tiger and Above)

Playstation 3
Xbox 360 (Also Slim&Lite)
DreamBox (Satellite Revicer)
Sony Bravia TV's (All Supported after update: PKG1.700EA)
HP Printer <<<(Not Confirmed)>>>
Bluetooth Headsets

And Offcouse Mush Other Devices!!!

Will Rise On: Fall 2011