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IM Sniffer 1.0 Released!!

After a very long wait...IM Sniffer 1.0 is finally here.

Posted by jdomnitz 2008-04-18

Version 0.9

IM Sniffer 0.9.116 Optimized has been released. See the IM Sniffer homepage for more information...

Posted by jdomnitz 2006-11-07


See the project homepage for more details

Posted by jdomnitz 2006-07-27

IM Sniffer Version 0.7.47 Beta Released

IM Sniffer Version 0.7.47 has been released! It now includes AIM express, ICQ and MSN support in addition to the AIM support offered in the last version.

Download it to check out all the new features.

Posted by jdomnitz 2006-04-14

Coming Soon: Version 0.7 Beta

Instant Message Sniffer-Intercepts and decodes all instant message traffic received by the computer. A high performance engine delivers real time message decryption. Conversations can be viewed immediately or saved for later analysis. NOTE: Requires WINP

Hopefully 0.7 will be released sometime next week or early the week after. Many bugs were identified in 0.64 and 0.7 now drops less then 1/10000 packets depending on the system and type of messages. We have received help from many developers and the yahoo dll is almost complete. Currently it looks like MSN will have to be put off till 0.8 but that may still change. Also 0.7 will feature a new interface which is much more graphical and easier to use as well as support for any protocol we can create a dll for. It also introduces the IMR file format which allows for corporate and/or third party message logging and parsing-email me if you are interested in creating programs that use it.... read more

Posted by jdomnitz 2005-12-22

0.64 Alpha Released

Version 0.64 has been released. It includes all features talked about in the 0.6 news post as well as much better stability and almost no dropped packets(1/10000 in last test).

One problem discovered is that 10% of direct messenger conversations are not recorded. It is believed to be a problem with different versions of AIM but this should be fixed by 0.7.

As always let me know if you find any bugs.

Posted by jdomnitz 2005-12-11


Anyone who can take a good screenshot of this project in action: Email me the screenshot at and I'll be happy to cite you in the projects thank you list.

Posted by jdomnitz 2005-12-11

Version 0.6 Alpha

I was hoping to make 0.6 a beta but with so many new features I think it will stay alpha until version 0.7.

Anyway, new features in 0.6 will include ability to distinguish between users, decode all direct messages and of course be more bug free and easier to use.

It should be released this weekend or early next week.

Posted by jdomnitz 2005-12-09

Just Starting up

I have finally finished working alpha code! I will be uploading it later this week, hopefully sourcecode will follow the week after.

Posted by jdomnitz 2005-12-06