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Beta Release

As of early June 2007 we have a beta release of ImproSculpt. The architecture is now considered stable, and the basic composition modules are in place. There is still a big *todo* on formatting the documentation of python into epydoc format. A documentation system for csound code would be very handy, but no autodoc tools for this exist as of yet.

Posted by Oeyvind Brandtsegg 2007-06-15

First Release is already avaible!

Nowadays, the most stable version of ImproSculpt is used by Flyndra, "The Musical Sculpture". Flyndra is a sound installation that uses parameters from the enviroment like temperature, water movement... If you are willing to know more about Flyndra, all the information about it is on

Actually this is the start point of the project. Flyndra Bundle is already avaible like the first package released for ImproSculpt.

Posted by Maximo Ramirez Robles 2006-12-01