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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Posted by Tom Copeland 2002-12-25

Jonathan is the admin now...

... more power to him! :-)


Posted by Tom Copeland 2002-12-17

v1.4.3 fixes some bugs....

...thanks to Jonathan Ellis for almost completely rewriting ImportScrubber - lots of code cleanup. Also included is Toshiyuki Iwata's encoding patch.

Posted by Tom Copeland 2002-12-03

A hearty welcome to Jonathan Ellis...

...he's rewritten much of ImportScrubber, including some bug fixes and performance improvements.

Posted by Tom Copeland 2002-11-27

v1.4.2 is due to Neil Wightman's contributions...

...thanks to Neil for cleaning up the GUI. Thanks also to Roedy Green for the tip about the "val." imports.

Posted by Tom Copeland 2002-04-19

The CVS repository is up to date now....

...after many months of procrastination on my part. :-)

Posted by Tom Copeland 2002-03-18

v1.4.1 fixes a 1.4.0 bug....

...thanks to Markus Crafter for catching this.

Posted by Tom Copeland 2002-03-11

v1.4.0 adds a couple features....

....a new BCEL version, a "remember my directory" feature, and some miniscule GUI changes. Also some changes suggested/provided by Markus Crafter, thanks Markus!

Posted by Tom Copeland 2002-03-09

v1.3.9 adds some features...

A French translation; thanks to Olivier.
A "put Java libraries at the top" option; thanks to Martin Saxor for the code.
A check for fully qualified class names; thanks to Mark Langley for the suggestion.

Posted by Tom Copeland 2001-11-27

There's a survey now....

....just click on "Surveys" to fill it out. I'm trying to get an idea of what most people use - the GUI, the Ant task, or the command line.

Posted by Tom Copeland 2001-11-23

v1.3.8 improves import statement filtering.... fixing a bug that would skip imports if only a static method was called on a class.

Posted by Tom Copeland 2001-11-05

v1.3.7 improves import statement recognition.... should go a long way toward eliminating many of the false positives which have plagued past versions - i.e., where "text/plain" was seen as an import statement and so forth. Thanks to Marcus Dahm for his help on this one.

Posted by Tom Copeland 2001-10-24

v1.3.6 tweaks the copyright header feature....

...thanks to Jason van Zyl for the catch.

Posted by Tom Copeland 2001-10-22

v1.3.5 moves the Ant task...

....and tweaks the copyright header preservation feature.

Posted by Tom Copeland 2001-10-22

Anyone who speaks a language other than English...

....and wants to translate the Importscrubber labels and whatnot to their language, please let me know. In fact, here are all the labels - if you want, just translate them and send the block of code below to me:

public static final String APP_NAME = "Importscrubber";
public static final String FILE_BROWSER_TITLE = "Note: class files and source code files must be in the same directory";
public static final String VERSION_ID = APP_NAME + " 1.3.4";
public static final String BROWSE_LABEL = "Browse";
public static final String GO_LABEL = "Go";
public static final String FIND_FILES_LABEL = "Find files";
public static final String ALL_DONE = "All done!";
public static final String HELP_LABEL = "Help";
public static final String FILE_LABEL = "File";
public static final String ABOUT_LABEL = "About";
public static final String RECURSE_LABEL = "Recurse";
public static final String EXIT_LABEL = "Exit";
public static final String HELP_MESSAGE = " " + APP_NAME + "\nThis is a utility to clean up import statements. To use it:\n1) Make sure your Java source code file and class file are in the same directory\n2) Select your source code file\n3) Click \"Find files\"\n4) Click \"Go\"\nImportscrubber will crank away for a few seconds and then pop up a box telling you it's done.\nTo process multiple files, just pick a directory and toggle the \"recursive\" checkbox\nQuestions? Comments? Contact";
public static final String BREAK_EACH_PACKAGE = "Break for each package";
public static final String BREAK_TOP_PACKAGE = "Break for top package";
public static final String BREAK_NONE = "No breaks";... read more

Posted by Tom Copeland 2001-10-03

Importscrubber has an icon now...

...thanks to the folks at You won't see it unless you use Java Web Start to run Importscrubber, though... at least not yet until I can figure out how to get it in there somewhere else. :-)

Posted by Tom Copeland 2001-10-03

v1.3.4 preserves copyright comment headers... if you have a copyright comment block above the package and import statements, it'll stay up there after Importscrubber finishes with the file. Thanks to Scott Willy and Trent Hoeppner for the suggestion.

Posted by Tom Copeland 2001-09-26

v.1.3.3 adds a new way to choose files....

...thanks to Scott Willy for the code. Also fixed a small UI bug.

Posted by Tom Copeland 2001-09-18

v1.3.2 adds choices for formatting styles... you can have the import statements all crammed together, separated by top-level package, or separated by each package.

Posted by Tom Copeland 2001-09-11

v1.3.1 adds an Ant task...

...and fixes some bugs in the scripts - thanks to Trent Hoeppner for finding these.

Posted by Tom Copeland 2001-08-17

Thanks to Trent Hoeppner...

....for finding a typo in v1.3's "go.bat" file. The importscrubber.jar file is in the lib directory, not in the build directory - just change "build" to "lib" and it should work fine.

Posted by Tom Copeland 2001-08-16

v1.3 adds some good stuff.... a command-line interface which is much, much faster when processing a lot of files. Also, the import statement processing is much improved due to suggestions from Uwe Hoffman and Marcus Dahm. Thanks!

Posted by Tom Copeland 2001-08-14

v1.2.2 adds some functionality...

...mainly, a package break tweak by Channing Walton.

Posted by Tom Copeland 2001-07-28

v1.2.1 fixes a bug...

...which was creating erroneous import statements.

Posted by Tom Copeland 2001-07-20

v1.2 adds some functionality... implementing the package sorting feature suggested by Walter Channing. I did some minor cleanup on the GUI code, too.

Posted by Tom Copeland 2001-07-15

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