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GMSH ouput file format for post-processing

  • dbrizard

    dbrizard - 2013-04-18

    I would be very interested in a gmsh output file format to view results. I don't mind programming the stuff, the only thing is I am not very familiar with java.
    My second and most important difficulty is that I then need to recompile the whole java stuff. Perhaps with some advise I could manage this.

  • Waluyo Adi Siswanto

    To compile the source (/src) you can use the batch file make.bat created by Yuriy
    Use the latest one:

    rmdir /S /Q bin
    mkdir bin

    cd src

    javac -cp .;..\lib\jogl.jar;..\lib\gluegen-rt.jar;..\lib\patbinfree153.jar;..\lib_j3d\j3dcore.jar;..\lib_j3d\j3dutils.jar;..\lib_j3d\vecmath.jar;..\lib\LogDB.jar;..\lib\mysql-connector-java-5.1.11-bin.jar -O -d ..\bin run*.java gui*.java

    copy gui*.gif ..\bin\gui*.gif
    copy gui*.jnlp ..\bin\gui*.jnlp
    copy gui*.gif ..\doc\Pictures*.gif
    copy gui*.png ..\bin\gui*.png
    copy gui*.png ..\doc\Pictures*.png

    cd ..



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