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We're finally 1.0!

Hello all.

I'm pleased to say I was able to get to the final release and we are now a 1.0. No features were added from the previous beta version, but the application was made more stable, spending less memory, and it now has documentation on how to use it. This documentation can be accessed by pressing F1 within the application or by clicking the menu Help / Image Metadata Manager Help. The same documentation can be accessed here: read more

Posted by Felipe M. G. Ceotto 2009-04-29

Brand New Beta Release

I am proud to say the Image Metadata Manager is now finally feature complete and it has been moved to beta version, and if we keep the same pace we should soon be moving to version 1.0.

The new features added were the ability to change the GPS information by dragging a pin on the map, and the managing of keywords when multiple images are selected.

The new version can be downloaded here: read more

Posted by Felipe M. G. Ceotto 2009-04-22

First Alpha Release

The project has now moved from pre-alpha to its first alpha release and I am proud to say it is one very stable alpha, so far.

Version is almost feature complete and it looks very nice. Here are some of its keys features:
- Thumbnail preview of opened images
- Reading and editing of image metadata
- Showing location of multiple images on a map, if GPS metadata is included
- Auto-rotating the image according to metadata orientation
- An advanced query tool for advanced users wanting to use Microsoft's Metadata Query Language
- Options to auto rotate images when opening, to automatically check for updates and more
- A renaming tool allowing photo files to be renamed according to metadata information
- New and better auto-update feature
- Managing of images' keywords... read more

Posted by Felipe M. G. Ceotto 2009-04-03