Is the import SQL file available?

  • Rick Bailey

    Rick Bailey - 2003-07-11

    I'd really like to try your code on my website, but I can't get the install.php to work.  Could you post (or send me) the SQL import file that I need for your converter?  I can see the tables in the INSTALL.PHP code but, not being too familiar with MySQL I can't form the correct SQL import file from it.  Thanks!

    - Rick

    • U. Weiss

      U. Weiss - 2003-07-14

      There's one in the new version (1.5) called "ascii.sql"
      There was a bug in a former version (i think it was 1.4 or 1.3) of the installer, so please check out v. 1.5, It's got a few additional features aswell.

      Ueli Weiss

      • Rick Bailey

        Rick Bailey - 2003-07-14

        Thanks for the SQL file.  I could not get the install.php to work so I went ahead and imported the SQL data into my DB.  I'm getting inconsistent results when I try to convert some images (around 50k JPGs).  I will either get a page that does not load or a page with a bunch of <BR>s then my original photo.  The trend that I've seen so far has been that if I try to do a color dot picture the page won't load.  If I don't do color then I'll get the page with a bunch of breaks then my orig pic.  I'll try to do a few more tests of the other styles and see what happens.

    • U. Weiss

      U. Weiss - 2003-07-15

      do you have acces to the php.ini file?
      Maybe the max_execution_time limit is reached. Do you get any other error messages?

      try testing with small images first, then gradually go up. Does it work with small images?

      what php & mySQL version are you using?

      • Rick Bailey

        Rick Bailey - 2003-07-15

        Unfortunately, my site is hosted and I can't get to the PHP.INI file.  My PHP version is 4.3.2 and MySQL is 4.0.10-gamma-globat.  I did try using a 5kb JPG and I could get the DOT mode to work, but I couldn't get the Matrix 1:3 or 1:1 mode to work.  I guess their time-out value is set too low for some of these options.

        • U. Weiss

          U. Weiss - 2003-07-16

          sorry. I can't help you there. The only possibility is to download an apache Server, PHP and MySQL for your PC and run it locally.


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