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New features for release 0.1.1

Source code:
- PNG format support
- BitmapBmp merged into Bitmap class
- for win32 version, the "erase end of line" character is replaced by spaces
- BoundingCylinder class inherits Cylinder class and is placed is objects directory
- entire code rewriting for more C++ compliance
- fifo.h renamed queue.h
- lifo.h renamed stack.h
- lifo_vector.h renamed stack_vector.h
- Imagin class is a singleton
- errors handling reviewed
- library libimagin.a is generated
- Makefiles organization reviewed
- sub directory core for scene, imagin, renderer and photon_mapper
- threads/mutexes managed by classes Thread, Mutex and Locker
- rendering threads moved in Renderer class
- temporary files replaced by memory buffer
- many modifications for using with GUI, for example rendered areas pushed in an external queue
- mutexes added for some shared ressources
- all files renamed with img_ prefix, for more convenience
- option for setting size of elementary image areas... read more

Posted by Olivier Ferrand 2016-04-26

New features for release 0.1.0

- distant light
- bug correction in scene_size computation
- segfault correction in searchSturmRoots function (thank to Mac OS)
- camera projection type : perspective, fisheye and full fisheye
- prism object replaced by new one with shape composed with
segments, Bezier, quadratics and splines curves
- uv coordinates for textures and bumps can be computed regarding
caps for cylinder, cone, sor, prism and conic_prism and text
- textures and bumps can be only for side or caps for cylinder, cone,
sor, prism and conic_prism
- fixed bug in BumpUVHeightmap contructor
- fixed bug in bump mapping which not follow the object when parent
object is transformed
- possibility to generate a AVI file instead of a series of bitmaps for an
- new text objects from TTF files
- bug correction in computation of bounding boxes of composed objects
- possibility for an object to do not generate shadows
- successive rotations
- rotations around x,y and z axis... read more

Posted by Olivier Ferrand 2009-11-04

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