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Version 1.02 now available

New version 1.02 is now available for download for all platforms (Mac, Windows.) A new source snapshot is also available for download.

Posted by Kyle 2006-07-24

Image Comparitor now uses CVS

The latest, greatest source code for Image Comparitor is now availble via. Source Forge CVS. Get it while it's hot!

Posted by Kyle 2006-07-24

Mac version now available

Although this program is written in Java, Apple's a stickler about bundling stuff up to look like it's actually designed for Mac, so... The "mac" version of Image Comparitor is now available as an Apple disk image (dmg) file. The mac version includes look-and-feel modifications to make it look and feel like a real Mac OS program.

The Windows version displayed is the compiled .jar of the program. The source to the .NET version will be coming soon, and the .NET version will be available by the end of the summer (or not...)

Posted by Kyle 2006-07-11

Image Comparitor Released!

Image Comparitor "1.0" (a truly subjective version number,) has been released. Both an executable binary (in .jar format) and the java sources are available for download.

I will be releasing the MacOS (app bundled) version shortly, and progress IS being made on the Windows/.NET version, the source of which will be posted soon.

Posted by Kyle 2006-07-07