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ILYC 0.3 Released

The third version of the ILYC programming language (and its interpreter) has been released today.

What's new?

1. Delegates and anonymous functions.
2. Boolean data type.
3. Implicitly called and overridable ToString() method for user-defined structures.
4. A lot of bugs fixed!

Posted by AnhSoftware 2011-01-14

ILYC 0.2 Released

Finally, after working for a month or so, we are ready to release the new version of ILYC.

What's new?
- Structures: yes, the it's the so-called user-defined data type. And it contains not only fields, but also methods.
- True array: now arrays can contain other arrays, and their elements can be passed to functions by reference.
- Bitwise operators: you have and, or, xor and not on bits.
- Switch statement: conditional branches made easy.
- Two forms of for loop: now they are "" and "for..downto", good for arrays.
- Multi-variable declaration: many variables can be declared in just one statement.
- et cetera...

Posted by AnhSoftware 2010-12-26

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