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version 5.1
- made compatible with new Mencoders

version 5.0.0 final stable
(note: version 4.x was skipped, because that version was dead end)
- 2 pass encoding always (fixed graphical bugs in high speed scenes)
- fixed maximal bitrate limiting
- externalized devices profiles into Profiles folder, so you can define new target devices profiles - added Fix Range slider, which corrects video color range 16-239 to full range 0-255 (useful for example for correct processing of gamma correction without amplifing pure black color into whiter colors) - added Saturation boost slider - added option to search last not found subtitles on the internet - added option to choose, which languages will be preselected by default in dialog if video contain more audio or subtitles tracks - increased size of all windows except the main window - removed options to select no recompression of audio, because it doesnt works anyway - removed buttons to fast selection of audio bitrate - New profile: SD television - maximal resolution is set to 720x540, both h264 and mpeg-4 set to high compatibility with low-end hardware decoders (for example in Panasonic dvd/bluray players with support of videos on flashdisks) - New profile: Cowon S9 - but is broken, please if somebody fix that profile contact me at - Fixed error that caused that iLove cant be executed more than once at the same time. - Both h264 and mpeg4 codecs have resolution rounding of 16 now - for better compression and less artifacts on the edges of video. - Trackbar for video bitrate fix - before it sometimes didnt change min/max values when switching from mpeg4 to h264 - HD television profile changes: disabled b-frames and qpel (quater pixel estimation), since most hardware decoders dont support this. - gamma correction will crop now 100% of differece between ranges 16-239 and 0-255 (before it was ~ 90% because of bug), also this can be adjusted by new Range fix slider - fixed freezing of applications message windows when CPU usage is 100%
- Cowon A3 profile video quality improvements
- reset buttons now reset sliders to recommended values, not to unchanged values (zoom and A/V sync have these recomended values as before = unchanged); into popup help added info what is zero and what is recommended value.
- Selected Maximal width limit is now saved
- Selected Aspect ratio is now saved
- Possible bug fix: conversion of float to string is now always forced with dot decimal separator
- these five settings are now saved not globally but per selected device: enabled/disabled turbo, enabled/disabled subtitles, threads count, output folder, subitles font
- fixed behavior of progressbar if all conversion was canceled (it didnt go to 100 % before)
- fixed bug when blank output file was created althought conversion was canceled
- fixed behavior of devices popup list in Windows 7 (now is this window always topmost)
- if application is executed first time then user is asked to select target device (device popup list appears)
- improved folder monitoring - if file is locked by external application, then unlocked and locked again, then now iLove will wait until the file is definitely unlocked (checking is in loop in 2 seconds interval)
- improved folder monitoring - file is checked always twice if not locked by external application (with 2 seconds gap between checks)
- disabled Escape key (which cause close of application), nothing happen now if you hit Esc key
- added checking if selected output folder is writable
- conversion progress is now visible in Taskbar as progressbar (Windows 7 needed with enabled Aero)
- Fixed progressbar: progressbar is now using only values 1 to 99 for progress; zero now mean that nothing is running; 100 now mean everything is finished
- Fixed progressbar: progressbar is now always set to 0 when no conversions running and new videos are inserted into queue
- Subtitles option "In extra space" is now disabled by default (still can be enabled by one click)
- Changed behavior if output folder stop exists: now is output file always redirected to desktop folder, not to actual new global output folder (because otherwise it can create mess)
- if is selected to delete monitored file after conversion then now is not deleted physicaly, but only moved to Windowss Recycle bin - Bugfix: Now cannot be output folder set into subfolder of monitored folder - Bugfix: Monitored videos path was reported with two slashes, now it is reported always correctly
- Memory leaks fixes in threads (terminate procedure wasnt called)
- Bugfix: if "start at" and "lenght" set and DVD is inserted, then these settings are ignored, because Mencoder will crash if this is set
- Bugfix: rangecheck error if folder monitor (TSpySearchRecord.size was incorectly defined as 32bit integer instead of 64bit)
- maximal width of all windows is now limited to 770, so application now fits correctly into resolution 800x600
- option for subfolder monitoring is now forced to true (checkbox for disabling it was removed)
- all temporary files made during conversion are now cached in RAM, so hardrive is not used so much
- improved fixing of broken ".avi" video files if checkbox "Bad source" is checked
- temporary files used for video testing are now deleted even if application crash and also even if application is terminated
- long pause increased from 300 seconds (5 minutes) to 900 seconds (15 minutes)
- that red/green label which informs about subtitles now informs about subtitles which wasnt found for currently inserted video, not about actualy converting video as before
- Bugfix: If main windows was rolled down (and was set to start application rolled down), then now is it`s position restored correctly rolled down in original position
- windows which asking to select subtitles, audiotracks and titles in video now showing value of count down timer in seconds; after the timer countdown goes to zero, window is closed the same way as if you click to ok; any mouse move or click will reset this timer to original value of 60 seconds
- Bug fix: fixed multiselect in list of videos to convert - when you select some videos with left mouse button and then click with right mouse button outside of original selection, then now is original selection unselected (before was not unselected, which can lead to misundertandings, because it is not logical behavior)
- Bug fix: fixed multiselect in list of videos to convert when triing move videos - sometimes it was moved wrong and some videos was unselected
- Improved selecting in available titles in video (now you dont have to hit the arrow on the left, you can click anywhere in list to select item)
- Bug fix: conversion will now not run if you are editing items in conversion queue (for example selecting subtitles, deleting ...)
- Bug fix: fixed infinite loop when converted video will be converted again and again, when monitored folder is under output folder (now is video created at the top of output folder, not in subfolder) and when output folder is under monitored folder (this folder will application refuse to set as monitored folder)
- improved and actualized content of popup help
- improved and actualized content of guide (Guide.rtf)
- Selection "Remember position of A/V sync slider" is now saved per profile, not globally
- added separate option to disable that red/green window which informs about conversion finish (saved globally, not per profile)
- increased default audio bitrate (now approximately 256 kbps on MP3 music videos and 150 kbps on AAC)
- insertion of monitored files now behave like if video was inserted by user
- fixed all exceptions when converting string to float number
- progressbar now shows correct percent if appx. more than 30 videos was inserted
- if more than 1 video is inserted, then start and lenght settings are ignored and reseted to 0 (if file doesnt come from monitor)
- after every inserted video are start and lenght settings are reseted to 0 (if file doesnt come from monitor)... read more

Posted by Jakub Sloup 2013-06-27

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