Hello all,

I've been a user of IlohaMail v. 0.8.14-rc for a while now and am wondering what stage the development of v.0.9 is at?  The demo seems to have some nice features (white&blacklist, filters, rss) and I was wondering if any help is needed to finalize these options (or if they are stable enough in the v.0.9 version).  I'm just wondering if it would be worth it for me to take on the task of switching over my little tweaks and fixes from 0.8.14-rc3 to 0.9 or if I should continue on with the stable version.  I'm asking because there doesn't seem to have been any activity (on the Dev-Log anyhow) since 4/15/05.

Great script, btw, Ryo!!  It works quite nicely!!