The "user unspecified" problem I think was a problem with one of the send buttons in IE.  If I remember right, there are two send buttons, and one of them (top or bottom, I forget which) caused that problem.  It's been forever since I used IE for Ilohamail, and I think the latest CVS version corrected the problem, too. 

Has there been any progress anyone on the .9 version becoming "final"?

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   1. ilohamail with I.E problem (John Wong)


Message: 1
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 17:53:59 +0800
From: "John Wong" <>
Subject: [Ilohamail-devel] ilohamail with I.E problem
Message-ID: <>
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hi list, when i use I.E (only is I.E, firefox work fine),
want to send email with attachment,
ilohamail frequently return error page(404),
when click the upload button

sometime ilohamail return "User unspecified",
when click the send button

usually i need to retry 3,4 times to complete send email with I.E
but only with I.E, when i use firefox, ilohamail work just fine

anyone use I.E have those problem?
how do you solve it?

thank you



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