On 30/01/2007 11:27, Ellis Taylor wrote:


MySQL Backend

The *last* letter at the end of *all* messages is missing. - Ie if I send a message with the word 'TEST' in the body, once its received all I get is the word 'TES'

I am also having corruption issues with attachments, (So far only tried excel files) the 1st time an attachment is sent everything is all fine, but - If I then forward that attachment things break.

Likewise If I reply to a message with an attachment I get all the Base64 everywhere in my message:


Any ideas ? I was hoping that since 0.9 had been sat there for so long with nothing being done to it, it was largely working. Do I have config issues, or are there still big problems with this branch ?

If things go on like that I'll either have to go back to the old version, or move away all together and go for something with better development progress. (Nothing against any of you guys, but from what I see people have been busy with there own things/real jobs and had little/no time to devote to this project) And I'm not a coder so am no real use I'm afraid.

Failing this, any one who can recommend a good 'clean' webmail interface for IMAP that's simple for the users, and not too much admin for me gets a prize! [1]


[1] Of some sort - although I don't know what...