On 29/01/2007 03:02, Ryo Chijiiwa wrote:
On 1/28/2007, "Listman" <listman@2620.co.uk> wrote:

Has there been any more dev on the 0.9 branch as yet? I like this app,
and have been using it for a long time, but I've got new servers to play
with now, and my users are demanding more in the way of functions from
there webmail.

Specifically, what features are your users asking for?


LDAP / Active Directory integration for address books - Live not static grabs of my AD data (I think someone did a LDAP module that went off and imported the data into the address book)

Shared address books

A method of handling Microsoft exchange meeting requests - nothing to import them into a calender, but something to at least accept, reject, tentative a meeting - likewise a way of generating meeting requests.

An easy (user) way or importing/exporting contacts in at least VCard and 1 other 'useful' format.

Mail box size reporting (Along the same lines as the quota stuff)

A (user) based method to backup mail and export it it at least 1 'useful' format - PST would be nice, but I'm not sure what issues there might be with that.

Are there any 'gotchas' I need to watch out for in 0.9? before I go out to beta testing ?


(Back in the office now!)