ILO examples require ILO v 2.5 installed

Ian Jones
  • Ian Jones

    Ian Jones - 2012-05-21

    Hi Ron,
    In chapter 13 - Profiling for Performance - of your book 'Expert PL/SQL Practices' your examples reference version 2.5 of ILO.  Is ILO version 2.5 available? A working example of ILO was one of the reasons I purchased the book (it was the first chapter I read!).

  • John Campos

    John Campos - 2012-10-18


    Much like Ian, I too am using the book "Expert PL/SQL Practices" and found the examples for ILO that requires version 2.5.  Have you made this version available and if so, how may I obtain it?  I did get one update that provides package updates to take advantage of the ELAPSED_TIME table.  Perhaps that's what made up version 2.4 ?  Addtionally, in reviewing Robyn Sands presentation on "Using Instrumentation to Ensure Performance from RMOUG 2011" she references a table named ilo_config_module which seems to be an option to start a trace and timing by updating a table.  Perhaps this is part of version 2.5
    This is something I would love to try out if available. 

    Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you


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