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Back to work


There has not been much commits recently, since I was quite busy (I still am ^^; ). Though I will try to get back on it because Illustrated still lacks many features.

I have just added ability to add tags to all pictures illustrating a part, because really I missed such a feature while using it. Yes, I do use Illustrated for my own page, and this is quite a good way to test it by the way. :-)... read more

Posted by Zavie 2007-04-16

New tarball

The creation of the demonstration page was a good test and allowed me to detect and correct some problems.

Therefore here is a new version, including GD support, illustration reordering, missing navigation links, and html tags for CSS stylesheet writing.

Posted by Zavie 2007-01-31

Online demonstration

The original goal of Illustrated was to provide to *me* :-) a simple way to upload pictures in a different manner from other galleries.

Therefore I started to use it, not only for test purposes. So you can consider this gallery as an online demonstration of Illustrated. Enjoy. :-)

By the way, while using it, I noticed and corrected many small bugs, so a new tarball will be uploaded soon (time for correcting a few more things).

Posted by Zavie 2007-01-28

That's it

Among other things, picture upload has been implemented this weekend. This means all required features to be able to use Illustrated are now implemented.

Please, try it out, and let me know any problem you find.

Next tasks will be the inclusion of tags for stylesheet, ability to delete elements, and automatic database building.

Posted by Zavie 2007-01-22

Useable soon

After having focused mainly on the database and submission, I implemented at last a basic authentification process. Therefore Illustrated is now close to be useable.

It still lacks picture upload and insertion features: those still have to be done manually. Once this is done, I will be able to focus on interface and generated pages appearance.

Posted by Zavie 2007-01-19