#20 PackageRate: Password save dialog doesn't work at all

PackageView (4)

first of all, this is not a request about PackageView, but about PackageRate. There is no category available to submit a correct bug report...

About the bug: PackageRate 1.0 asks about username/password after voting the first package.
Expected outcome: Password is saved (as I checked the box), vote is uploaded. (maybe asks to pick a connection if offline atm)
What happens: Dialog disappears after clicking Ok, reappers a fraction of a second later with cleared details. Entering again and clicking Ok crashes the program. Reopening PackageRate shows saved username/password, but votes are lost. Connecting isn't possible, though, as the dialog pops up again after clicking Ok....this time, information stays, but program crashes again. Perfectly reproduceable.

Password is 20 characters long, including only upper/lowercase and numbers. username is lowercase only.


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