I am preparing a set of instructions for setting up a Lisp development environment on Windows with configuration information for clisp/ilisp, acl/eli, corman/eshell & lw/ilisp for the Common Lisp Cookbook. I am trying to get together a minimum set of requirements for setting up such a configuration and wanted to avoid making cygwin one of those requirements. Since make isn't a standard utility on Windows systems, I wrote a small batch file to simplify building ilisp under Windows. It might be useful to include this (or something like it) in the standard distribution. Instructions would need to indicate that the four "set" instructions should be changed as required. Here it is:

@echo off

set EMACSDIR=c:\emacs

set ILISPDIR=c:\home\site\ilisp

set EMACS=%EMACSDIR%\bin\emacs.exe

set HYPERSPEC=hyperspec-naggum.el


cd extra

copy %HYPERSPEC% hyperspec.el

cd ..

%EMACS% -batch -l ilisp-mak.el

copy /B ilisp-def.elc+ilisp-sym.elc+ilisp-inp.elc+ilisp-ind.elc+ilisp-prc.elc+ilisp-val.elc+ilisp-out.elc+ilisp-mov.elc+ilisp-key.elc+ilisp-prn.elc+ilisp-low.elc+ilisp-doc.elc+ilisp-ext.elc+ilisp-mod.elc+ilisp-dia.elc+ilisp-cmt.elc+ilisp-rng.elc+ilisp-hnd.elc+ilisp-utl.elc+ilisp-cmp.elc+ilisp-kil.elc+ilisp-snd.elc+ilisp-xfr.elc+ilisp-hi.elc+ilisp-aut.elc+ilisp-cl.elc+ilisp-cmu.elc+ilisp-sbcl.elc+ilisp-cl-easy-menu.elc+ilisp-acl.elc+ilisp-kcl.elc+ilisp-luc.elc+ilisp-sch.elc+ilisp-hlw.elc+ilisp-xls.elc+ilisp-chs.elc+ilisp-openmcl.elc ilisp-all.elc

del ilisp-def.elc ilisp-sym.elc ilisp-inp.elc ilisp-ind.elc ilisp-prc.elc ilisp-val.elc ilisp-out.elc ilisp-mov.elc ilisp-key.elc ilisp-prn.elc ilisp-low.elc ilisp-doc.elc ilisp-ext.elc ilisp-mod.elc ilisp-dia.elc ilisp-cmt.elc ilisp-rng.elc ilisp-hnd.elc ilisp-utl.elc ilisp-cmp.elc ilisp-kil.elc ilisp-snd.elc ilisp-xfr.elc ilisp-hi.elc ilisp-aut.elc ilisp-cl.elc ilisp-cmu.elc ilisp-sbcl.elc ilisp-cl-easy-menu.elc ilisp-acl.elc ilisp-kcl.elc ilisp-luc.elc ilisp-sch.elc ilisp-hlw.elc ilisp-xls.elc ilisp-chs.elc ilisp-openmcl.elc

cd docs

%EMACS% -batch -q -no-site-file ilisp.texi -l texinfmt -f texinfo-format-buffer -f save-buffer

cd ..

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