Edi Weitz <edi@agharta.de> writes:
>> I'd suggest that you try it with Corman Lisp 2.01 and search the
>> archives of this mailing list for a message of mine where I reported
>> initial success with Corman Lisp and ILISP.

I tried using ILISP with Corman before making any of the modifications you described in your message. The window splits with the ILISP display at the bottom showing that Corman had loaded, ie
;; Corman Lisp 2.01
;; Licensed to me
Type :quit to exit.
In addition a separate detached window containing the Corman console appears, containing NIL. However XEmacs locks up, with XEmacs using 100% of the available CPU.
I then made your suggested modifications. This time, the separate detached does not appear, however XEmacs still uses 100% of the CPU and XEmacs locks up. I also get the following message on the modeline: Set *cormanlisp*'s directory to "->my default directory<-", which is where XEmacs hangs.
When I kill the XEmacs process, the CPU usage for clconsole.exe goes to 100%
I start ILISP using
> run-ilisp
Dialect: cormanlisp